Sunday, May 20, 2007

The dates are set

Just purchased my ticket. I'll leave Flagstaff on June 24th and return on July 23rd. Here's the breakdown.

Depart Flagstaff 6/24 @ 7:00 am Arrive Phoenix @ 8:04 am
Depart Phoenix @ 8:54 am - Arrive Philadelphia @ 4:48 pm
Depart Philadelphia @ 6:10 pm - Arrive Paris, June 25th @ 7:45 am

Trip Cost $640

Depart Paris July 23rd @ 1:30 pm - Arrive Philadelphia @ 4:00 pm
Depart Philadelphia @6:15 pm - Arrive Phoenix @ 8:35 pm
Depart Flagstaff @ 9:40 pm - Arrive Flagstaff @ 10:33 pm

Trip Cost $685

The base fare for this roundtrip is $1,325.00 - taxes and fees are $119.31. Making a grand total or $1,444.31.

Well - that's the easy part. The next part of the journey is to sort out how to get from Paris to Valerie's mom's place in Lorient.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

He who hesitates!

pays more for their flights!

I got approved to go back to work on Thursday the 26th of July!! Then I went to get my flights and found that the outbound has gone up to $640 and the return is now $685.

We plan to sort out the travel plans and buy the tickets later today.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I started looking for flights this weekend. My ultimate goal is to fly round trip from Flagstaff, Arizona to Paris, France using US Airways.

Ideally I'd like to leave on June 23rd and return on July 21st:
Depart Flagstaff June 23rd - $630
Return from Paris July 20 - $764.
Total - $1,394 plus

The best pricing I can find would be to return on Tuesday July 24th
Depart Flagstaff June 23rd - $630
Return from Paris July 24th - $600.
Total $1,230 plus

One big problem with the return flight is that it gets back to Flagstaff at 10:33 which would make it pretty tough to be at work on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Europe 2007

Well, it looks like I will get to go to Europe this summer. Tentatively planning to head over on June 23rd and return the third weekend of July.