Thursday, September 5, 2013

Half way home

Greetings from Little Rock Arkansas!  We are spending a couple nights here at my mothers house before we make the final push for home.  The internet is pretty fast so I thought I would get my maps caught up.

Our first day out of Santa Rosa, last Thursday, we made it to Austin, Nevada.  We had two interesting stops that day, the first was at the Donner Pass rest area and the second was at an old Pony express station on Highway 50.

Day Miles - 401
Summer Miles - 12,845

On Friday we drove from Austin, Nv over to Salina, Utah.  Nothing too exciting that day, just miles and miles on Highway 50, AKA, the loneliest road in America.  Don't believe me - well here you go.

There you have it, Highway 50 is the self claimed loneliest road in America.  

Day miles - 369
Summer Miles - 13,214

Saturday was a short day.  We only drove from Salina over to New Castle, Co.  We stayed with a friend of my old neighbor Ken Hayashi.  His name is Jim Kuhn and he grew up back in the triple cities area, attending Vestal high school.  We got to talking to Jim and it turns out his dad lives in Rotonda West, about 5 blocks away from our house.  Talk about a small world!

Day Miles - 280
Summer - 13,494

From New Castle we drove into Castle Rock where we had dinner with one of Kim's friends from her time in Colorado.  Then it was due east to Limon, Co. 

Day Miles - 265
Trip - 13, 759

 From Limon it took two more days to get here.  We stopped in Fredonia, Kansas the first night, then made it to North Little Rock on the second day.

Day Miles - 514
Summer - 14,273

Here's the last map for the first half (or more likely two thirds) of our tip back to Florida.

Day - 365
Trip - 14,638

It's been a long week to say the least.  We have been here in North Little Rock for two nights and are probably going to stay one more.  We will probably leave Friday morning and be back home on Saturday evening.