Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's go time!

Well, I leave tomorrow morning. It's been a busy month and I obviously haven't made time to update. Valerie and I got a France EuroRail pass. Four days of train and 4 days of car rental for $845. The plan is to meet up at the Paris airport, take the RER and Metro down to the Montparnesse train station, then use the first day of the train pass to get to Lorient. We hope we can get out on the same day. They only allow a certain amount of people with passes on each train. I guess there are worse places to be stuck for a day than Paris!

We plan to use two of the train days getting down to the Provence region of France and play it by ear once we get there. Valerie tells me there aren't a lot of places to get on the internet where her mother lives so updates may be vary sporadic.


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Colleen said...


I hope you and Valerie have a wonderful trip to France! I look forward to reading about all your wishes, Colleen