Sunday, August 5, 2012

The first Palmer stop - Genesse anyone?

We arrived in Palmer for the first time back on the 26th of July.  After checking in at the RV Park we headed over to the Palmer Golf Course.  I joined up with 2 other guys who were walking the course and on the second hole a single player riding a cart caught up with us.  We let him play through and I couldn't help but notice that the basket on his cart was filled with Genny Cream Ale's.  This really really surprised me as I hadn't seen Genesse Beer since leaving New York way back in 79.

I asked him if he had imported those from New York and he told me that ne had purchased them at a place called the Brown Jug right here in Wassilla Alaska.  He also kindly offered myself and my playing partners a can, which of course I took him up on.

The next day we went to visit the Independence mine (I'll post some pics and a write up on that someday) then drove to the Brown Jug.  The guy was right, Genny was everywhere!

I didn't even know there was a Genny Ice or Light!

Oh, and here's one more picture.

Is? Was? apparently no difference in Alaska!

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