Wednesday, July 11, 2007

8 days in Provence - Arles

We are back in the Lorient region of France. It was a sunny fun filled week in Provence. I'll put a couple different posts up to recap the week.

Valerie's Mom's train was 30 minutes late so we picked her up around 11 pm on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning was spent at what the locals refer to as the small market, there were still lots of stalls and it seemed pretty big to me but Saturdays market had significantly more vendors. After an afternoon siesta we went to the roman arena for the bull run. It is an interesting event. (I have lots of pictures but no way to post them so I'll get some up after I return.)

Thursday we took our own tour of the Carmague. There are three companies that provide jeep tours but they are kind of expensive - 4 hours for 48 Euros per person. We decided to take the regional bus down to Les Santes Marie de la Mar, a small village at the bottom of the Carmague. We visited the park orthonligique which in English means a bird sanctuary (or something to that effect). We then took the bus the rest of the way to the village, had dinner and went back to Arles.

Friday we visited the Cloisters de St. Triomphe, took Valerie's Mom to the train station. Had a nap, visited 3 other sites and called it a day;

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