Monday, July 16, 2007

Soloing in Normandy

I'm down to my last 7 days of summer vacation. I managed to get my reservations handled and am typing this in an incredibly hot and muggy internet cafe in Caen, France.

I'll be in Normandy for the next 3 days. Planning to go to the WWII memorial in Caen tomorrow and then maybe taking a bus over to Honelfeur (sic) in the afternoon. Wednesday I am planning to take the bus to Bayeux and spending the day over there, Thursday at 7:32 am my train leaves for Lorient.

It just got through pouring rain. I mean Arizona monsoon pouring. Brittany has these all day rains that the locals call spitting. Valerie and I rode our bikes down to a little bar in Port Louis in the spit yesterday. Today it poured while I was having dinner. I waited out the rain, picked up a few beers and am now heading out to check out the town.

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