Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1

We left Santa Rosa at about 8 am this morning and have made it to Mount Shasta. It was a pretty uneventful day. The one item of note was Denny Hamlin's marketing trailer pulled in next to us at a rest stop on I-5. The guy was cool and I got a tour, he was hauling 1 display car and lots of merchandise.

After arriving at the KOA we walked downtown to what has to be one of the worst farmers market's I have ever seen. There were, I think, 7 booths total selling crap like Kale. Where's the corn on the cob? Not down there. It was a nice walk, about 3/4's of a mile each way and Mount Shasta seems like a cool place, sort of a miniature Flagstaff. Nice big mountain with a surprising amount of snow for mid June. I didn't get any pictures of it yet, maybe tomorrow depending on when we leave.

Amazingly, I already have 2 mosquito bites. Kim and her Mom have a combined total of zero. This does not bode well (for me) as we head north into serious mosquito territory.

We should be in Olympia Washington this time tomorrow. Here's a link to a google map of today's trip.


Anonymous said...

I hope you made sure he knew you were a Newman fan ! All is well in Flag... Remember the mosquito is drawn buy C02 in the air sooooo.... you just need to stop breathing so damn much. HA! Have fun ya'll. -PI

steve said...

how do like driving the motorhome-
take a Benedryl at night that helps me with the bites- your sister never gets bitten.

Dara said...

That's not true...I do get bite. I just don't get the welts and itching. It's a good thing...

I like the google map. It is nice to see where you are traveling. Please keep doing that.