Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 3 - We are in Canada!

The above picture sums up our first couple days of the trip. It has been raining fairly consistently since about 3:30am on Tuesday morning. We spent Tuesday night in Tumwater, Washington. That was supposed to be our long day, about 9 hours in the RV from Mount Shasta to Tumwater (Map). Nothing to exciting on Tuesday, just spent the day on the road.

Today was supposed to be a short day, Tumwater, Wa too Hope, British Columbia (Map). Instead it turned into a total fiasco. The main highway had a major mudslide (details here) which blocked traffic in both directions. Fortunately we have a GPS unit with us and it warned us just in time so we bailed off the highway before we got stuck in the backup. The detour took us down a back road called highway 7. The GPS gave us a thrill when it took us off highway 7, led us through a neighborhood then down a dirt road towards a quarry before getting us back on the highway. For a moment I thought we were in big trouble, it spent most of the day raining on us so the road towards the quarry was a bit muddy. Wasn't really sure how I was going to explain to Kim and her Mom that I got us stuck in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately we made it safely and are now in the campground in Hope. Unfortunately, it continues to pour rain on us.

We took a bunch of pictures with one of our cameras today. However, it seems I have left the cable to upload those pictures in Santa Rosa or Flagstaff. I am going to look for it some more tomorrow and if I can't find it I'll see about picking up a card reader.

We are heading towards Hell's Gate tomorrow. Thanks for reading - Post comments and let us know if you are following our adventure. Doug and Kim


Dara said...

That was quite the mud slide!!

mattn1 said...

In addition to the rain and mud,watch out for MOOSE!

Since the NFL is in lockout, and you're in Canada, you're officially now a CFL fan!

And since you're in B.C., that means you're a B.C. Lions fan, go to with many of the team roster from, well, yes, the U.S.