Thursday, May 16, 2013

We're Getting Close Now

     Hello to all our new friends who are joining us on this exciting adventure ahead. Doug and I promise to do our best to keep you up to date on this amazing trip all the way north to Alaska.

     I didn't let myself get too excited about our upcoming trip because for the last nine weeks I've had to deal with IV antibiotics here in Florida. But today, the day I never thought would get here, finally arrived and I'm thrilled to report no more IV line. In it's place I have neon pink wrap, thank you Lisa for getting that color for me, and it feels so strange not to see  an IV in my arm. It was a very emotional and difficult nine weeks, but thank you to everyone at Dr. Wazny's office for your support. And along that part of my journey, I met some great people who I'm looking forward to keeping in touch with.

     Now reality hits and I have to think about packing as we leave on Monday the 20th of May-that's only four days from today!! I have a good idea of what to take, but I can finally admit that I'm the queen of procrastination. There I said it!! And Monday is coming up way too quick.

     The first leg of our trip takes us to Atlanta to visit with Doug's brother and his wife Angie for two nights. Then we head to Little Rock for two nights to see Doug's Mom and her husband Roy. Then for Memorial Day weekend, we go to Gun Barrel City, Texas which is outside of Dallas, to spend time with Glenn and his wife Etta. They have a beautiful lake house with two wave runners and a party boat. I can't wait to ride the wave runner. After the holiday weekend, we make our way to Phoenix to see Dan and Gayle then it's up to Flagstaff to get a few things. We're hoping to see several of our friends and hopefully have lunch or dinner with them. And finally we should arrive at my Mom's house in Santa Rosa, CA by June 3rd or 4th.

     Once we arrive in Santa Rosa, we have a lot of work to get done before we leave for Alaska. The RV hasn't been out for months so we need to get it road ready as we have a long way before we get to Alaska. My favorite part of getting ready is shopping at Costco filling up the grocery cart and of course we splurge just a little! Better to buy things in the states because once we get to Canada, many items are ridiculously overpriced. We have found a gallon of milk for eight dollars! But then we have to put it all away in the RV!!! I will say that we do eat very well on our trips plus Doug loves to grill some awesome meals. I can't wait!

     So thank you for joining us on our Florida to Alaska 2013 adventure. It's going to be exciting as we plan on going all the way to the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest Territories, Canada. And don't forget that you can comment on any of our posts, but it may take a day or two before you see them. We have to approve them prior to posting because we got strange posts in the past from unknown people. Welcome and here we go!!!!


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