Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today's adventure

NOTE: I wrote this post yesterday but apparently it didn't go up.  Re-posting it on May 30.

It looks like the weather is going to be reasonable here in Southern Arizona so Kim and I have decided to do some exploring today.  From Willcox, we are headed down the "Ghost Town Trail" to visit the once booming towns of Pearce, Courtland and Gleeson.  The first part of the trip is mostly paved roads from Willcox to Pearce.

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From Pearce, it's all dirt on a road so insignificant you can't even modify your route on Google Maps to follow it.  If you click on the map below it will show you the round about way to get over to Tombstone.   For us, it will be straight down the Ghost Town Trail until we reach Gleeson road, then a right turn and off to Tombstone.

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May 30 update - If you view the above map in it's own window you can zoom in and see the Ghost Town Trail.  It connects point A and B.
We will be in Phoenix tonight and back in Flagstaff this weekend.

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Deb said...

Hi guys! Just saw a story on the Discovery Channel, I think...maybe History Channel last week about Tombstone and the "Earp" brothers. Very interesting and can't believe that's where you're headed. Kim...sending you a quick personal email soon. So glad the weather's being kind...not so in our Midwest. Thank goodness you're out of that area. Hugs/puppy kisses to Leaya and blessings to all.