Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 4 - Hope to Clinton

Today's portion of the journey started in the "chainsaw carving" capital of the world, Hope British Columbia. Here's Kim and I sitting in front of one of those carvings. You can see photos we took here. We then went to Hell's Gate on the Frasier river (Web Site Here). After visiting the gate we drove up to Clinton and have settled for the night here. (Today's Map).

The biggest shock of the day was a rock blast to the windshield. The rock that hit us had to be an inch or larger in diameter. It put a fairly large crack in the windshield, I'll try to get a picture of it posted tomorrow. I actually felt glass shards the rock smashed into the windshield so hard. Another interesting thing was we ate dinner here at the campsite. The owner puts on a country buffet which was really good. There were two couples already seated when we got there. One of the couples was from . . . . . Flagstaff, Arizona. Hard to believe, we passed 1,000 miles on our journey today and then there's the 800 or so we drove getting to California, and we run into people from Flagstaff. As they say - Small World.

I am trying to get a video of our tram ride into Hell's Gate posted to you tube. It's about 4 minutes and taking a long time to load so I am off to bed. If it works while I am sleeping I'll post the link in the morning.

11:54 update - The video finished uploading. You can view it here.

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mattn1 said...

Now that's one deep river!
Hey, saw on the news that the rain you had was very extreme for this time of year, and also brought snow to the Sierra's and in WA too, wild weather!