Sunday, June 2, 2013

A little recap

Greetings from Flagstaff, Arizona.  We arrived here on Friday afternoon.   First, we had a fun trip through the Sonora desert visiting the Ghost town trail, Gleeson and Tombstone.

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The map is not correct, The Ghotst town trail is so small that google maps won't let me put a route through it.  Out side of tombstone is/was the most amazing living museum ever to be seen.  About 30 years ago this guy retired from the stock exchange or something like that and bought a piece of land in the desert. He then collected thousands of pieces of history from the surrounding area. I had visited this place in the past and he had always resisted selling any of his collection.  However, this year he is retiring from being retired and he is selling everything and moving to the city.
A collection of nails with the size on the head.

Amazing rocks, the tall crystal in front and the obelisk shaped one in the back are ours now.

Kim bought those 14 little milk bottles.

What a fun and interesting place!

From there we headed into Tombstone and strolled the historic main street of the city.

Our last stop was boot hill outside of town.  It was a bad day for Les!

Day total; About 250
Trip total: 2,750 or so

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