Monday, July 30, 2012

Denali National Park

We arrived in Denali National Park on Sunday the 22nd.  Needless to say it was pretty cold.  Kim and I jumped on our bikes and pedaled up to the visitor's center to find out what programs were going on.  After hitting the center we rode back out to the main highway where I posed for the above photo.

On Monday we hiked down to Horseshoe Lake.  It is about a mile and a half down the hill to get there. Above are Kim and her Mom in front of the Lake.  Around the lake there were lots of trees with "Burls" on them.  We couldn't find any information on where they come from but the are basically big bumps on the trees.  You can kind of see them in the picture below.

We attended Ranger programs both nights we were in the Park.  The first night's program was on the raptors in the park and the second was on a cute little critter called the Pica.  After the second nights program we hiked the McKinley-Station trail up to the visitors center then the bike path back to camp.  the next morning it was off to Talkeetna.

Finally, the mountain wasn't out - while we were in the park!  (foreshadowing anyone)

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