Monday, July 16, 2012

Giving up on Inuvik, Off to Chicken, Alaska

We drove up the Dempster Highway to the Tombstone visitor center yesterday.  It took us a little over 2 hours to drive the 70 kilometers, the road was incredibly bad.  The Peel river ferry crossing was still closed when we got to the visitor center and the lady there indicated it was raining up in Fort McPherson.  At this point we made the executive decision to give up on Inuvik!

We turned around and headed back here to Dawson City for the night.  We had an excellent dinner at the Jack London grill in downtown - the finest dining room in all of the Yukon.  (It said that on the menu so it has to be true - doesn't it?)

Today we are off to the exciting hamlet of Chicken Alaska.  It's only 174 Kilometers but it's up on to the Top of the World highway which could be just as bad as the Dempster.  Here's the Map.

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