Monday, July 30, 2012


We arrived in Talkeetna on Wednesday the 24th and the mountain was out.  We caught an exceptionally great time to be there as the weather was beautiful and the mountain stayed out the entire time we were there.  Pictures?  Here's a few.

Alaska Range at Sunset our first night there.

Kim points out Mt. McKinley

Kim and I in front of the range.

And one final picture in the sunlight.

While in Talkeetna we also took a Jet Boat ride up the Sustina River.  The final destination was the devil's gorge, a class 6 rapid!  Here's the boat and a picture of me at the class 6.

McKinley was out and spectacular so here's a picture of the mountain from the boat.

On the way back the boat stopped and we took a guided walk through a replicated Athbascan fishing village.  They also had a display showing an old school trappers cabin, which is pictured below.

The following is a panoramic picture I took with my iPhone.  Not to sure how it will look in the blog

We got to see two new wildlife creatures while in Talkeetna.  The first is this beaver who swam by while we were taking pictures of McKinley on our last day there.

We then saw this swan swimming gracefully across a lake on our way out of town.

 It was then off to Palmer.

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Dara said... have amazing luck with the mountain. If I remember correctly, you saw clearly last year and that it is a rare occurrence.