Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The road to Whitehorse

We have arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon.  The trip was accomplished in three parts.  First, we drove from Hudson's Hope to Skianni Chief River (Map).  There is a little RV park right next to the Peace river which had electricity!  Always a good thing.  We spent one night there then drove to the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park. (Map).  On the way to Liard we saw this guy kicking it next to the road.

We also started seeing Bears, six of them on this part of the trip.  Liard was fun as usual but - and this is a big but - the mosquitos were horrid this year!  We still spent 3 days in Liard soaking in the hot springs and riding our bikes.  Here's Kim at the Liard River bridge just south of the park.

Yesterday we drove from Liard to Whitehorse (Map) and we really started seeing wildlife.  We counted 13 bears, around 10 buffalo and 1 red fox. We will be here today, Kim and her mom are headed into town for some shopping and I am hoping to get some golf in, then we head further north to Dawson City and Inuvik.

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