Monday, June 24, 2013

Odds and Ends

Greetings from California;

First we have been here for two weeks now and the big trip starts Friday!  Kim and I are heading in to San Francisco tomorrow to visit Alcatraz.  We purchased tickets about 10 days ago.  You may or may not know that it never rains here this time of year . . . Ooops, wait a minute.  It's raining today and more rain is supposed to be on the way on Tuesday.  We also have tickets to see the Oakland A's play the Cincinnati Reds at 7pm tomorrow.  It will be the first game in the Oakland coliseum since the big sewage leak two sundays ago.  It should be an interesting day - we will get some pictures posted on Weds or Thursday.

Second, Kim and I got new iPhone 5's over the weekend.  Best Buy has a trade in program going on this week and it seems like a pretty good deal.  The program gives you a $150 credit for your iPhone 4 or 4S, and they have the 16gb iPhone 5 available for $150.  You have to pay tax (on the full ripoff retail price of the phone) and a one time activation fee of $35 but it still seemed like a good deal.  You also have to be eligible for an upgrade with your respective carrier.  If you have one of the above iPhones and are eligible for an upgrade it might behoove you to head over to Best Buy and check out the program.  Of course, the next generation iPhone is certainly around the corner and now that we upgraded it will probably be out in the next week but we really like the new phone.

Third, A funny thing happened on our way to California that we haven't mentioned yet.  As we were crossing into Arizona on I-10 a couple weeks back it occurred to me that I hadn't packed my passport.  Given that you need your passport to get into Canada nowadays and we were driving across country specifically to head north it seemed kind of important to have that item.  Kim was sleeping in the passenger seat, I didn't bother to wake her up to ask her if she had thought to pack them.  After a while she woke up and I casually asked if she had thought to pack the passports, she hadn't.

As you can imagine a moment of panic ensued.  Initially, we weren't sure where the passports were.  We thought that we had possibly locked them in our safe deposit box back in Florida and were wondering if a cross country flight might be in our future.  After further consideration we decided they were locked in our fireproof box in our house in Florida. We contacted our friends Drake and Barb back home.  They were planning to be near our house in the following week and graciously agreed to see if they could locate the passports and send them cross country to us.  

A week later they called as they were heading to our house.  Barb went to the closet where I told here the key for the box was located.  She couldn't find it!  There was a good reason for that - it wasn't where I said it would be.  Where was it?  Well, as Drake discovered, it was in the lock of the fireproof box, which we hadn't even bothered to lock!  Thank goodness our passports were in the box as we thought they were.  A big shout out to Drake and Barb for retrieving our passports and several other items that they sent cross country to us!!

Final thought for today.  Your may be wondering how bored I get hanging out here in Ca.  I mean, how many times a week can a guy play golf anyways.  Well, I am pleased to report that I have found a part time - well - let's call it a job.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words - here you go.

Yes, that's me, yes Kim's mom has horses.  Yes, I shovel almost daily - Rain or Shine!  More pictures on our Flickr account.  You can find them here.

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