Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little tundra golf in the Yukon

Greetings to anyone still following our adventures:

Todays pictures and video's are from August 5th up in the Yukon.  We woke up that morning at our favorite Whitehorse campground, Pioneer RV Park.  We headed east on the Alaska Highway then turned south on the road to Skagway.  Our first stop was the Annie Lake Golf Course.  This course is the definition of pasture golf.  It literally is carved out of the tundra just west of the Klondike highway.  The course costs $5 for 18 holes, on the honor system of course.  No starter, no golf carts and no grass!  A couple of the local rules include:  Bears and Moose have the right of way, if you loose your ball down a gopher hole (in the fairway) no penalty and make sure to drag the greens when finishing the hole.  The last one will make more sense if you view these pictures.  Video's 1-4 show Kim in action at the course.

From Annie's Lake we headed south on the Klonidke highway.  Our next stop was the Emerald Lake pull off.  As the name implies this lake is a beautiful green which you can see in video six .  From there we drove down to the worlds smallest desert, in Carcross.  The dogs had a great time sprinting back and forth in the sand, well for a short time they did.  Then they just enjoyed a nap.  Finally, we headed back to the Alaska highway via Highway 8, also known as Tagish road.  While driving up we saw a couple of really cool rainbows.  You can see them in videos 12 and 13 via the below link.

I put all of the videos for the day in one playlist which you can find here.

I also posted some pictures from Emerald Lake and Carcross.  You can find them here.

Kim and I are heading into San Francisco in an hour or so.  We have tickets for the Pittsburgh Pirates vs San Francisco Giants game tonight.

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Barb LaFara said...

Doug, I really like the use of the 'playlist' for the YouTube videos, makes it easy to access and view. Thanks for sharing, Barb