Monday, August 12, 2013

Maps for the last week

We started last Sunday driving Whitehorse to Carcross then Teslin Junction.  This short hop, just over 100 miles for the day, pushed us over 10,000 since we left Florida!

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Day Miles - 139
Trip Miles - 10,104

Monday we drove from Teslin to the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park.

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This was almost a 300 miles day.

Day Miles - 291
Trip Miles - 10,395

We spent three nights at the hot springs then headed east to Fort Nelson.  We went down for a morning soak and didn't leave until almost noon so we didn't get a lot of miles covered.

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Day Miles - 189
Trip Miles - 10,584

Saturday was our longest day in the RV this summer.  We drove from Fort Nelson all the way to Hixon, BC.  There is a little RV park there that we have stayed at twice previously so that seemed like a good goal.  Naturally, it being Saturday and all, the little RV park had no vacancies.  Lucky for us there was another park just down the road.  It wasn't as nice but it had been a long day and we were leaving early so we called it a night.

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Day Miles - 545
Trip Miles - 11,129

That brings us to today.  We left Hixon at about 10 am and drove here to the Harrison Hot Springs.  We are spending two nights here then we head for Santa Rosa.

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Day Miles - 378
Trip Miles - 11,507

So there's the update.  Over 11,000 miles so far!  It's around 900 miles back to Santa Rosa and a couple thousand miles give or take back to Florida.  We could make it to 15,000 miles this summer!

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