Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Whitehorse fish ladder

Stories from the road.

Now that we are back and have reliable internet the plan is to upload video and pictures then do a short post describing what you are going to see.  Our first episode is from August 4th back in Whitehorse in the Yukon territory.  Kim does this thing called letterboxing.  Letterboxing is similar to geocaching in that you follow clues to find a hidden box.  The difference it that the box contains a rubber stamp.  You can read more about Letterboxing here.

We were headed out of Whitehorse towards the Damn on the Yukon river to look for one such box when we came across the local fish ladder.  The purpose of this fish ladder is to allow Salmon to get past a giant damn.  They have fish ladders all over Canada, this one claims to be the longest wooden fish ladder in the world!  We stopped at the dam/ladder and wouldn't you know it the first Salmon of the season happened to enter the ladder right then.  Of course, we have video of the event.

Here's the youtube link to 5 videos from the fish ladder.

Here's the link to some pictures we posted to Flickr.

You can view the online "Fish Cam" here.  Finally, here's a link to a pdf with additional information on the Dam and fish ladder.

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