Saturday, August 3, 2013

Safely off the Dempster!

We are safely back in Dawson City.  On the way back down the Dempster we saw 3-4 vehicles with flat tires.  What a bummer for them.  We are headed to Whitehorse tonight so hopefully Kim will get a post together with details on our adventure.  This morning I am going to try to get caught up on the maps for our trip.  First, last Sunday we drove across the Taylor highway to Chicken, Alaska.  Then on Monday we drove over the Top of the World Highway here to Dawson City.

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2 day total - 387 Miles
Trip Total - 8,660

From there it was off to Inuvik!  Almost 500 miles each way.  We stopped at Eagle Plains and spent one night during each trip.

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It was about 487 miles each way!
4 days of driving the Dempster - 974 Miles
Trip Total - 9,634

We saw lots of wildlife on this segment!  More info and pictures next post.

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