Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back in Whitehorse

We drove up from Skagway to Whitehorse today. On the way we stopped and I played eight holes on the most amazing little golf course I have ever seen. It's called Annie's Lake golf course and it sits about 10 miles south of Whitehorse on the road to Skagway. When we got the RV repaired the guy at the shop told me about it - Put your money in the can, it's Dog Friendly, has Sand Greens, and Bears and Moose have the right of way. Sounded like a site to see so we turned on to the access road on our way here. Unfortunately, I didn't do a great job of reading the directions so we went about 4 miles down this dirt road before we realized it was supposed to be 1 mile off the highway. We were driving back and couldn't find it and I was starting to wonder if this was some sort of Canadian practical joke, sort of like a snipe hunt in the Yukon Territory. Nope, it really exists. Kim took some pictures but I haven't taken them of the camera yet.

We have really quick internet and we are staying at this site for two nights so I am going to try to get the blog caught up. Should be several posts in the next couple of hours - maybe more after all the sun doesn't set until midnight here, that's 5 hours from right now.

Updated 9:38pm - Got the photo's on the computer and posted to Picasa - you can see the rest of them here.

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