Sunday, July 10, 2011

Takhini Hot Springs to Skagway, Alaska

Thursday we headed down to Skagway, Alaska (Map). It only took 10 days but we finally got to Alaska! We stopped at the Robinson homestead, an old abandoned stop on the Yukon railroad. We also visited the little town of Carcross on our trip south. Our next stop was at a place called Log cabin, which doesn't have a cabin, but was the southern end of the Chilcoot trail. The mounties moved their customs check point from the top of the pass to this location once the railroad was completed in 1900. We took a short hike up the tracks and found a cool little train. Here's some photos from our trip down. While in Skagway we stumbled upon the coolest old train. It is on a side track over on the east side of Skagway, behind the museum. Photos of the train and us at the train are here. One other stop we made in Skagway was out at the gold rush cemetery. There is a short hike from the cemetery leading up to a large waterfall, Reids falls. Photos of that are here.

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