Thursday, July 21, 2011

We saw Mt. McKinley!

Today was beautiful and sunny here in Alaska.  As you can see from the picture above Mount McKinley was out in all it's glory.  We stopped about 10 times to take pictures of this mountain.  This picture was taken outside the town of Talkeenta, Ak.  I learned today that Talkeenta is the start point for all climbers who wish to attempt to summit Mt. McKinley.  This year, 1203 hardy souls attempted it and slightly over 600 made it, a success rate of 53% if I remember the numbers posted at the ranger station correctly.  We are spending the night in a small campground outside of Palmer, AK.  Here's today's map.  We have also posted 31 seconds of video on you tube that you can find here.

The day actually got off to an incredible start as we found these two moose along the roadside right by the visitor center in Denal NP.   Lots more pictures but it's late and I'll probably go to bed before I get them posted.

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