Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 6 - Welcome to the Alaska Highway

For the next couple of hours we are in Fort Saint John British Columbia. It was another long day behind the wheel. We started our morning in McBride, according to google maps that was 784 Kilometers south of here. (map)

As you can see from the picture above we are now on the Alaska Highway, and will be for the next 1500 or so miles. We passed 2000 miles since we left Santa Rosa yesterday. The wildlife highlight of the day was a herd of mountain goats that was hanging out beside the highway when we left Jasper National park. Pictures of them are in our wildlife section from yesterday's link. I also dropped 100 or so pictures into our pictures from the road.

Tonight we should be at the Liard hot springs. We are planning to spend 2 nights there. I am soooooo ready to take a day off and soak in a hot spring.

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-Rusty- said...

Sounds like your trip is off to a good start! Many miles already behind and many more to go! Sucks about your windsheild! The "Hell's Gate" video was neat!