Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bear 4 on this trip

Greetings from Dawson City;

We saw our 4th bear of the trip yesterday.  He (or she) was just hanging on the side of the road.  We stayed next to it for a while but couldn't get a really good photo.  This was the best one of the bunch;

The Cassiar highway was a bit of disappointment wildlife wise.  We only saw 3 bears, none of which we even managed to get one photo of.  We also did not see any moose or other big game.  Scenery, of course, was spectacular as you can see if you view our flickr photo's.

The big news is we managed to secure a reservation for the flight to Tuktoyaktuk on Saturday!  There is an arts festival in Inuvik so we thought perhaps all the trips would be booked however that was not the case.  Now we just have to get up the 400 miles of dirt road to Inuvik and hope the weather stays good.

Here's the map for our trip from Whitehorse to Dawson City.

Since we may not have internet over the weekend I'm going to post a couple more maps here.   First, this is the Dempster highway, the road we will be taking to Inuvik.

Finally, here's a map that will show you where Tuktoyaktuk is located.  Among the activities that our trip includes is a polar bear plung into the Artic Ocean.  We should have some photo's of that and perhaps a video sometime next week.

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Dara said...

I am finally getting a chance to read your blog. It sounds like you are having a great time!