Monday, July 15, 2013

Leaving Fairbanks right now

It's 10:45 and we need to be out of this campsite by 11 so here's a quick post to recap our last day here in Fairbanks.  I finally got my round in at NorthStar golf course.  Played really well for me and I saw at least 2 moose and possibly a third one as well.  (The third sighting may have been the same one I saw the first time)  I didn't get a good picture of the second moose but I can tell you he was not happy to see me!  His ears stated twitching and he was staring me down so I took the long way around and had no problem.  You can see my scorecard here, and if you scroll down from the card you will see 10 or so pictures of the course and the moose!

While I was playing Kim got in about a 15 mile bike ride!  She rode all the way over to the Farmers Market and got herself a nice old school wood frame!  Don't tell her I said this but it is kind of cool looking.

Meanwhile, Gerry had a full day of reading her book and watching the dogs!  We are headed to the Parks highway and south towards Palmer.


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Barb LaFara said...

Since I don't have a GolfShot account, I will post a comment here... Great game, and I am betting no one else posted course pictures that included moose!