Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Youtube videos

Well, it was kind of grey and cold here in Whitehorse so I didn't go play golf.  We did go into Whitehorse where we had a nice lunch at Tim Horton's, laid in some supplies at Wal-Mart got gas and then Kim and her mom got a little shopping in. Tonight, we are hanging out in the campground and the internet here in the office was fast enough that I managed to get some videos posted.  Due to band width limitations that campground actually blocks youtube from loading so I can't provide that direct link to each video.  This link should take you to my page where you can locate the new videos.

One of the videos I managed to load was 6 plus minutes of the Hyder July 4th parade.  It was certainly eclectic and well worth the time to give it a view.  I also have videos of downtown Hyder and Salmon Glacier up as of 9:50 pm here in the Yukon Territory.

The current plan is to head to Dawson City tomorrow morning and then up to Inuvik for the weekend. However, we recently became aware that there is an arts festival going on in Inuvik this weekend.  If we cannot get a campsite reserved or if we can't get the sightseeing flight to Tuk we may end up heading for Haines Alaska instead.  We plan to get on the phone tomorrow to determine which way we will be headed.

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Barb LaFara said...

Just a reminder, Sam and Maggie arrive in Anchorage about 3pm on Weds. the 10th. Not yet sure shich days they will be in Homer.