Saturday, July 13, 2013

Things to do in Fairbanks - catching up on miles driven

Greetings anyone still checking in;

Today we find ourselves in Fairbanks, Alaska.  It is sunny and beautiful outside this morning.  There are several things to do up here.  Among the items we hope to get to are: the local Farmers Market, the Large Animal Research center, Creamers Field, (an old dairy that's now a bird sanctuary) and then possibly 18 holes of golf later this afternoon.  Word has it that you can make tee times up to midnight, unfortunately, I can't seem to stay awake that late any more so if I go it will have to be earlier.

We drove up from Tok yesterday, here's the map:

Kim reminded me that I was putting up the daily and total mileage with my cross country posts.  I seem to have forgotten about it since we left Santa Rosa.  I am going to take advantage of our fast internet here to get caught up.

Yesterdays drive was about 202 miles which brings our trip total up to over 7,000 since we left Florida!

I have already posted maps for the drives listed below so I'll just put mileage totals here;

Santa Rosa to Rocky Point Resort in Oregon - Day Miles 398 - Total since we left Florida 4,100

RPR in Oregon to Viento State Park - Day 288 - Trip 4,388

Viento to Harrison Hot Springs - Day 371 - Trip 4,759

Harrison to Hixon, BC - Day 378 - Trip 5,137

Hixon, BC to Kitwanga, BC - Day 337 - Trip 5,474

Kitwanga, BC to Hyder, Alaska - Day 186 - Trip 5,660

Hyder, Ak to Deese Lake, BC - Day 253 - Trip 5,913

Deese Lake, BC to Whitehorse, Yukon - Day 396 - Trip 6,309

Whitehorse, YK to Dawson City, Yk - Day 331 - Trip 6,640

Dawson City, Yk to Tok Junction, Alaska - Day 190 (ish) - Trip 6,830

Tok, Ak to Fairbanks, Alaska - Day 202 - Total 7,032

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Angie Carter said...

Hey! I added you guys to my feedly reader so I've read evey post so far. I'm living the adventurous life through you guys!! Stay safe and continue having. Lots of fun!

Angie Carter