Friday, July 12, 2013

The Dempster was a washout - literally!

11:07 update - Top of the world photo's

Well, turns out the Dempster highway was closed - again, we couldn't get up to Inuvik last year either. Soooooo, we changed plans and we are at Fast Eddy's in Tok Alaska having breakfast this morning.  Back to the Dempster, high winds closed both Ferries on the highway and we also got word that there was at least one washout of the road.  Oh well, we might try again in a couple of weeks.

Today we are headed to Fairbanks, we will be spending three nights at the River's Edge RV park.  The weather is supposed to be great this weekend so hopefully I'll get to play some golf.  The North Star golf course which advertises itself as the northern most golf course in America.

Here's the corrected map for our journey over the top of the world highway yesterday.

Well almost corrected, turns out google maps doesn't know about the Top of the World highway in Canada!???  We actually drove from point A, to point B (which is the legendary Chicken, Ak) and then down to C.  It was only about 200 miles not the roughly 800 or so this map shows.

Internet is usually good at the Campground in Fairbanks but they limit up/downloads.  We will try to get some pictures posted.

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