Monday, July 8, 2013

Cool, we have electricity tonight!

We have made it up to Whitehorse in the Yukon territory of Canada!  We are camped at the High Country RV park on the east end of town.  It is a real treat to be here!  Last night we spent our first evening on this trip without electricity.  We stayed at the Waters Edge RV Park near Deese Lake on the Cassiar highway.  It was a nice little park but NO hookups, which means that in addition to no electricity there was no hot shower this morning - bummer!

We had a nice drive up today. We stopped at Jade City, a souvenir shop on the Cassiar.  As you can probably guess they have all kinds of Jade products.  What you probably did not know was the something like 92% of the Jade in the entire world comes from that particular area!  Pictures from our tip up the cassiar are here.

I also added some additional photo's from our trip to Salmon Glacies from Hyder.  You can find them here.

Tomorrow Kim and her Mom are heading into Whitehorse for some shopping.  I plan to head to the Meadow Lakes golf club to get a round in.  It would seem that Meadow Lakes doesn't have a web site so this review from Yelp is the most info I can provide.

Here's a couple maps for the last 2 days of driving.  Day 1 Hyder to the Waters Edge Campground.


Today we drove from Waters Edge to Whitehorse..

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