Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 5th in Hyder and Stewart

Just got some pictures posted of our last night here in Hyder.  We started the evening at the Seafood Express bus, one of the only restaurants here.  We had a Captains choice platter which included 1 piece of Halibut, 1 large scallop, 1 deep fried oyster and 6 breaded shrimp.  The place is pretty eclectic, you can read more about it here.

After dinner Kim and I decided to bike to another country, which means we rode over to Canada.  We wander around the town of Stewart and then stopped at a tourist shop where they had a cut out mountie that we could pose behind.  While we were goofing off there a real mountie pulled up and volunteered to be in the picture's with us!  What a nice guy.

After that we rode back into Hyder and hung out at the Sealaska Inn and Bar.  The bar is open until 5am!  We only stayed until around 11:30pm.

I also got another set of pics posted.  They are from our drive from Moricetown to Hyder.

I'm trying to only post pictures that have GPS tags so you can see where they were actually taken.  Somewhere in Flickr there is a maps page that will show those locations.

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