Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh Canada - It's good to be here!

Happy Canada Day!  It’s about 6:30am here in Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia Canada.  I’m up early and was planning to get this posted but of course, the internet is down so I am not sure when this will actually go up.

We have been on the move the last two days.  We have driven from just north of Klamath Falls all the way up here to southern B.C.  We have visited some interesting places along the way.  Our first stop was at Crater Lake National Park on Saturday.  (Pictures Here).  From there we drove North and slightly east so that we could drive through the Columbia River Gorge between the states Oregon and Washington.  Saturday was a late night as we were not sure where we would get to so we did not make a reservation!  I called one place and got there after hours message on the phone.  They indicated that they had sites available and an after hours check in available.  We drove over to the campground, crossing a very narrow toll bridge only to find the campground was full.  We then had to return across that same narrow toll bridge (it was only $2 each way but still) to get back to highway 84.  Our next plan was to “boondock” at a local Wal-Mart.  We found one close by, drove over and found a  no overnight camping sign as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.  Now it’s a little after 9 pm on Saturday and we still have no place to camp!  The GPS unit indicates a KOA about 30 miles further down I-84 so off we went.  After only a couple of miles we saw a sign for a campground, so we pulled off the interstate to see if they had a spot.  It was a local state park and not only did we get a spot it had electric, water and free showers!  Yeah us.   Here’s the map for Saturday’s trip.

Sunday we got rolling at around 9:30.  Our first stop was at a beautiful waterfall just off the interstate called Horsetail falls.  Since we still had almost 400 miles to cover we then headed straight for Voodoo Donoughts in Portland.  We first learned about it from a show on the travel channel and we visited last year.  They make some crazy donoughts and they have some crazy lines.  We waited about 30 minutes but then we got a dozen and headed out to the RV to feast.  From Voodoo it’s straight up I-5 to Redmond, then a bit east to Sumas where we cross the border.  It would seem that the border guards hate their jobs and everybody that crosses as they are always nasty.  Yesterday, we got a lady for the first time, she wasn’t as nasty as the guys who manned to booth were the last 2 years but I wouldn’t exactly call her friendly either.  Here’s the map for Sundays’ drive.

Today, it’s Canada Day!  Lots of festivities scheduled here in Harrison Hot Springs.  Naturally, the first two years we came up here we did not come to Harrison, both those years it was cold and rainy.  This year their having a heat wave so we probably won’t go soak in the springs but there is a nice lake here so we should still have some fun.

I have some more pictures to post but want to get this up before the internet goes down again.  Here's the link to my photo sets on Flickr, I'll try to publish more photo's today.

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