Saturday, July 20, 2013

First night in Denali - yes we saw the mountain again!

We have made it back up the Parks highway to Denali National Park.  Once again, we were lucky enough to the mountain.  As you may have read in this blog in last year or two we have been advised that the mountain is only visible about 20 days a year.  For the third year in a row we have been here while it was out.  This year, we only saw it from the RV as it was quickly clouded over.  I did manage to get some video of it but it's not on my computer yet so it won't be uploaded tonight.

We have our campsite for tonight set up and we have our passes for the drive out to Teklanika River campground tomorrow.  We have also purchased a bus pass that will allow us to go out to the Eielson Visitor Center on monday.  Eielson is 66 miles into the park and about an 8 hour round trip bus ride from our campground in Teklanika.  This is all very exciting!

There is a ranger program at 7:30 tonight so I am going to put this post up and then head over to that.  I did manage to get some additional picture posted on Flickr.  This link will take you to my sets page and you can see what the most recent uploads are.  The Homer and Salty Dog pictures are there for sure and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation center pictures are loading as I type this.  I am also hoping to get some additional video on youtube.  We have started a new series called One minute on the road.  In these clips I hold the Flip Video up and shoot out the front window for roughly a minute.  They are pretty shaky but it will hopefully bring you right into the RV with us as we travel around Alaska and Canada.  You will see the tag 1MOTR in front of these videos.  This link will take you to my recent uploads page on youtube.

Here's today's map;

Day total - 207
Trip Total - 8,093

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