Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a Go!!!!

I'm sitting in our campground in Dawson City, Yukon after having gone over the top-of-the-world highway from Chicken, Alaska today. If you remember back several weeks ago, we came to Dawson City in hopes of traveling the Dempster Highway to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada, but the road was washed out. And as I said before, all my Mom wanted to do this year was to travel the Dempster Highway then take a flight to a fly in village, Tuktoyuktuk, Northwest Territories where she could put her foot into the Arctic ocean. So several weeks ago it seemed as if the dream wasn't going to work out, but things have changed and for the better. As we traveled throughout Alaska, we kept an eye on the weather for this part of the world and it looked better and better each day. Then we all made the decision to try this one more time before really giving up so I'm thrilled to announce that it's a go. Yeah!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning, Monday, we leave Dawson City for the 25 mile drive to the start of the Dempster highway. Our plan is to go to about the half way mark which is Eagle Plains, a town of about 8 people, then the next day finish the highway to Inuvik. The road is all gravel with two river crossings for a total of 417 miles from start to finish. Then once we arrive in Inuvik, we'll go to the Nova hotel to make plans for a Wednesday flight to Tuktoyuktuk. The flight is roughly an hour then we travel through the town to explore for several hours and of course we get to play in the Arctic ocean. Even as I write this, I cannot believe this is finally going to happen. I guess I didn't give up in my heart so I hoped our luck would turn around. And it did!!!!!

We'll keep you posted as we get wifi which will be spotty at best. But for now just wanted to give you a brief update as to some very exciting news.

Once again, I want to thank all of you for following along on our trip as it's been a great adventure. It's always fun to share the trip with all of you. Also, please feel free to leave us comments since it's fun to know what you have to say. Don't be shy-I know you want to comment!!!!!

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Barb LaFara said...

Yeah! Good luck, I hope it all goes as planned! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics. Drive safe and have fun!